Voyages of Discovery

The Endeavour

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

January 2020 - Done!

We left Seattle just after Christmas to survey the winter wildlife up Knight Inlet, a deep fjord, 60 miles north of Desolation Sound.  (We did a similar trip up Bute Inlet last winter). This year, we had gale force winds, snow, rain, and terrible visibility. Pack ice took off our bottom paint. Video coming soon!

Port Townsend, Washington

April 28-June 15, 2020

The Endeavour will be hauled out in this historic port to inspect and paint the bottom (it's a 66 year-old steel hull) and to install a new sonar transponder.  While the boat is up on jackstands, we'll show you what's going on in the boatyard, and interview the people who own and work on the good little ships of Port Townsend.

North to Alaska

June 2020

We had expeditions planned with the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and the Burke Museum down the west coast and up the Columbia River, but COVID-19 cancelled those. So we're heading north as soon as the Canadian border opens.  We'll post here soon. 


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