The Endeavour

Voyages of Discovery

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

January 2020 - Done!

Survey of the winter wildlife up a narrow and deep fjord, 60 nautical miles north of Desolation Sound.  Had gale force winds, snow, and rain. Pack ice took off our bottom paint. Video coming soon!

Smith Island.JPG

Smith Island, Washington

March 2020 - Open

This uninhabited island is part of the San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge and closed to the public. We look for archeological and geological evidence while filming the birds and mammals.

Drydock for hull painting, Port Townsend

Port Townsend, Washington

April 1-15, 2020 - Booked

The Endeavour will be hauled out in this historic port for routine maintenance and to install new sonar equipment.  We'll also be filming our documentary, "The Good Little Ships of Port Townsend."

Destruction Island.jpg

Destruction Island, Washington

April 20-28, 2020 - Open

The island is an important breeding ground for sea otters, tufted puffins, common murres, red-beaked oystercatchers, and rhinoceros auklets.  But are introduced rabbits taking over?

Santa Cruz Island.png

Santa Barbara Channel Islands

May 1-15, 2020 - Booked

Using new technology adapted from oil exploration, a team of scientists and divers will search for underwater tar pits and middens that hold unique archeolgoical and paleontological artifacts. 


Santa Rosa Island, California

June 1-15, 2020 - Booked

With a team and landing craft, the Endeavour will be mothership to an archeological and paleontological survey of the cliffs on south side, looking for artifacts and specimens before they erode away.

Big silver off Cape Flattery.JPG

Columbia & Snake Rivers

July and August, 2020 - Some Segments Open

The Endeavour will follow the salmon from the mouth of the Columbia River and up the Snake River to Idaho.  This journey will include a dozen short investigations along the way up, and down. 


Cobb Sea Mount

September, 2020 - Tentative

An underwater volcano, this submerged island is 270 nautical miles west of Grays Harbor but only 70 feet under the surface.  We will take a team of divers to document this remote environment.


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