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Welcome to the Endeavour.  

In late April 2020, the two of us – husband and wife Bill and Patsy Urschel – will leave Seattle on board the Endeavour. We sold our car. Our remaining real estate is a rented storage unit. We have no idea when we’ll be back.   

Endeavour Voyages was originally conceived as a marine research project and we were scheduled to leave Seattle in April for several gigs in southern CA and beyond.  When the pandemic hit, all of our work was postponed to 2021.  Instead of waiting another year, we are headed out on our own voyage of exploration.   We want to be in nature as you can only be on a boat.  We want to understand better the science, culture, and commerce of the oceans and rivers. We want to meet the people who can tell us what it is we’re seeing and what it is they do.  We want to capture it on video and share it with you.

Our video series, The Endeavour, Voyages of Discovery, will debut in mid-2020 on YouTube and here on our own site.  


There is as much to explore and wonder over today as there ever was. 

Voyages of Discovery

The Endeavour

The Endeavour was built in 1954 for the U.S. Army. She is 72 feet long with a draft of 7 feet and a beam of 17 feet.  The hull is welded Corten steel. She weighs 65 tons dry with a full displacement of 100 tons and is driven by a single 239 horsepower Detroit Diesel engine and a 48” four-bladed propeller.  She cruises at 8.5 knots at 1300 RPM burning 4.92 gallons per hour giving her a range of 3,000 nautical miles. 

The boat has berths for nine people, two heads with showers, a fresh water maker, and a washer-dryer. 

The walk-around engine room includes the main engine, two diesel generators, a tool bench, welder, and air compressor. The foredeck has racks for four kayaks and topdeck has a crane and a high-speed shore boat.

The ground tackle is a 250-pound Navy stockless anchor with 600 feet of 1/2" chain, backed up by a second 100-pound Navy stockless. For open-ocean work, the boat has paravane stabilizers to reduce rolling in adverse seas and a parachute anchor for over-nighting offshore. The horn is an air-powered Leslie SuperTyfon, designed for locomotives.

Electronics include a complement of GPS, chart plotters, radios, radar, sonar, autopilot, and a ship's computer that monitors all tanks, temperatures, batteries, and electrical use. When needed, we tow side-scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, and other equipment. 

The Endeavour is certified as a research vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard.  We named her after the ship Captain James Cook took on his first voyage of discovery in 1768.

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2020 Schedule

This is our rough schedule for the year. If you have an idea for a scientific, historical, environmental, or other stop along the way, be part of this voyage of discovery and tell us about it here.  

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

January 2020 - Done!

We left Seattle just after Christmas to survey the winter wildlife up Knight Inlet, a deep fjord, 60 miles north of Desolation Sound.  (We did a similar trip up Bute Inlet last winter). This year, we had gale force winds, snow, rain, and terrible visibility. Pack ice took off our bottom paint. Video coming soon!

Port Townsend, Washington

April 28-June 15, 2020

The Endeavour will be hauled out in this historic port to inspect and paint the bottom (it's a 66 year-old steel hull) and to install a new sonar transponder.  While the boat is up on jackstands, we'll show you what's going on in the boatyard, and interview the people who own and work on the good little ships of Port Townsend.

North to Alaska

June 2020

We had expeditions planned with the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and the Burke Museum down the west coast and up the Columbia River, but COVID-19 cancelled those. So we're heading north as soon as the Canadian border opens.  We'll post here soon. 


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