Voyages of Discovery

The Endeavour

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

January 2020 - Done!

We left Seattle just after Christmas to survey the winter wildlife up Knight Inlet, a deep fjord, 60 miles north of Desolation Sound.  (We did a similar trip up Bute Inlet last winter). This year, we had gale force winds, snow, rain, and terrible visibility. Pack ice took off our bottom paint. Video coming soon!

Port Townsend, Washington

April 28-May 12, 2020

The Endeavour will be hauled out in this historic port to inspect and paint the bottom (it's a 66 year-old steel hull) and to install a new sonar transponder.  While the boat is up on jackstands, we'll show you what's going on in the boatyard, and interview the people who own and work on the good little ships of Port Townsend.

Destruction Island, Washington

May 2020

This uninhabited island off the Washington coast was the site of two massacres in 1775 and 1787 and three shipwrecks in 1889.  It’s a nursury for tufted puffins, red-beaked oystercatchers, and rhinoceros auklets. We hope to go with scientists from the Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge to monitor damage from non-native rabbits. 

Santa Barbara Channel Islands

July 2020

Using new technology adapted from oil exploration, a team of scientists and divers from the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service will use the Endeavour to search for underwater tar pits and middens that hold (we hope) untouched troves of archeolgoical and paleontological artifacts. 

Santa Rosa Island, California

August 2020

With a team of scientists from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Endeavour will support a short archeological and paleontological survey of a canyon on far side of the island.  We're preparing for a longer expedition next year, and will test new techniques and gear to land small boats through the surf.

Columbia & Snake Rivers

September 2020

The Endeavour will cross the Columbia River Bar, called the "graveyard of the Pacific," and head upriver.  An archeologist and a geologist from the Burke Museum of Natural History, and other guests, will be with us from Portland up through the Columbia Gorge. At Lewiston, Idaho, we'll turn around and head back to the ocean. 

Cobb Sea Mount

October 2020

This underwater volcano is 270 nautical miles west of Cape Flattery but only 70 feet under the surface.  Light reaches the top, making it a biological hotspot.  The Endeavour will head out with a team of divers to investigate suspected damage from unregulated commercial fishing to the biosphere at the top of the volanco.


November 2020

Where to head next?  Back south to San Francisco then west across the Pacific to Hawaii, coming back east along the Aleutians in the spring?  Or keep on south to Central America, exploring the islands down the west coast?  If you know of a compelling mission in any direction, send us an email here and tell us about it.


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